Trump admin transfer 1.4 billion dollars in dead persons’ accounts: reports

WASHINGTON: In the amid global pandemic Covid19 there are reports of allegedly corruption within the America in the name Corona fund that Trump administration transferred approximately 1.4 billion US dollars in the dead persons’ (to corona virus) accounts.

An officer within the anti-corruption watchdog of United States of America told one news agency that the amount has been transferred by the government in the account of more than 1 million people who lost their lives to corona virus.

The US Ministry of Exchequer and Internal Revenue Service has distributed 270 billion dollars aid to its citizen while a large amount in this transferred by the government to erroneous accounts.

Furthermore, according to NewYork Times report the Internal Revenue System check the records of the citizens in any disasterous situation because to transfer the amount in the account of right people, while during corona virus for payment this rule has been neglected.

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